About Starr Tutoring

Dawn - Founder of Starr Tutoring

Hi, my name is Dawn and I founded Starr Tutoring in February 2012.

Over the past 16 years I have worked in a range of education and childcare settings, ranging from playgroups, mainstream schools & autism bases. I have worked as an NVQ assessor and owned a child minding business.

In recent years I have built Starr Tutoring. This is supported by my degree in Childcare and Education, obtained through the Open University as a mature student when my own children were young.

I have also studied many additional courses and done a lot of background reading on the subject of dyslexia. It is the techniques I have picked up as a student, working in such a variety of settings, as an educator and from the theory learnt in the various courses that I use to create techniques for supporting people’s learning now.

Because of my background, I am inclined to shy away from the repetitive use of worksheets and instead use of a range of hands on kinaesthetic activities, including games. This is largely because I believe if you are enjoying yourself you will relax. If you relax you are in a better mind-set to learn. Further to this if you are enjoying yourself you are more likely to want to participate and that is a huge part of the challenge to overcome.

The lessons Starr Tutoring provide are aimed to be professional but also fun and beneficial to the child, with a wide range of resources used to support learning in every lesson.