Probably the best tailormade tutoring franchise there is

Imagine a life where you can choose the hours you work so that it fits in around your personal life. No two days are ever the same and you know that you are making a genuine difference to those that you work with.

A Starr Tutoring Franchise could offer you this, with all the support and training that you need.

It is predicted that by 2020, tutoring will be a £123 billion global industry as class sizes get bigger, the curriculum gets harder and more and more children are struggling to keep up with their peers.

Starr Tutoring have spent the past 7 years asking: “What would the best tutor in the world offer?” and it is this philosophy that helps us to stand out amongst the crowd. We don’t necessarily do things in the same way that other tutors do. We tailor make every lesson which takes place in the comfort of the child’s own home. We use a range of resources that support different learning styles because we acknowledge that everyone is different and learns differently. At Starr Tutoring we see families as people we can help and lives, we can make a genuine difference to.

If you were to decide that becoming a Starr Tutoring Franchisee is the next chapter in your journey through life, we promise to offer you a helping hand every step of the way, so that your business can grow to reach its full potential.

Contact us via one of the four ways below and we'll get some more information to you.


No franchising fees for the first 3 months! We will help you to find your first 100 hours of tutoring


for the first 3 people to join us, as a token of appreciation I guarantee that you will receive me as your mentor for the first 6 months rather than one of the other members of my team.


The first 3 people to join us will also be able to purchase the franchise for just £8995 +VAT!

Just one example of what people are saying about us...

We have been using Starr tutoring for 18 months now and they have been amazing. They have made a huge difference to my 8-year-old daughter, not only academically but also with her confidence which has grown massively. They teach my daughter in a way that is fun and memorable meaning that she really looks forward to her sessions and I can even go as far as saying that she is disappointed if we are away and have to miss a week. When my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, Starr tutoring were fantastic at adapting their approach and providing specialist support for my daughter and I. They tailored their teaching for her to suit her individual learning needs and also provided a session for me as a parent to understand dyslexia and how to support my child. In addition, they advised me of further aids to help my child with her dyslexia. I am extremely grateful for everything they have done and continue to do and can highly recommend them to anyone.